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Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep, or cause you to wake up too early and not be able to get back to sleep. You may still feel tired when you wake up. Insomnia can sap not only your energy le

Many women and teenage girls are suffering from leucorrhea which is also known as vaginal discharge. It is a thick whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge associated with lower abdomen pain.Vaginal Irritation, Itching, Foul smell or fishy odor, Dry i

Gestational hypertension is also known as Hypertension in Pregnancy , if the Blood pressure is 140/90 or above then this it is termed as gestational hypertension.It is measured on two occasions, 1st is more than 6 hrs apart without the presence of

As winter comes around, so does the frequency of the dreaded "flu" - a contagious respiratory illness that is caused by Influenza types A and B viruses. Though it can occur all-year round, it is more frequent in the winter months.The flu, unlike the

Apart from dieting , exercising is one of the most common ways to burn calories.It plays a key role in weight loss. Exercise improves mood , stronger bones & a reduced risk of many chronic diseases. - Walking : It is one of the best exercises for we

Hyperemesis Gravidarum generally occurs during pregnancy, when the patient is constantly vomiting and has a severe case of nausea. This leads to dehydration and weight loss in some cases. Hyperemesis gravidarum is not a common condition in pregnanc

Is your Baby also suffering from Baby Acne? If you are also one of them then you should know few symptoms and precautions. Baby acne is usually a temporary skin condition that develops on a baby face or body. It results in tiny red or white bumps or

Stress, in everyday terms, is a feeling that people have when they are overloaded and struggling to cope with demands.These demands can be related to finances, work, relationships, and other situations, but anything that poses a real or perceived ch

Bad Habits That Raise Your Diabetes Risk :Skipping breakfast, snubbing fish — these and other poor lifestyle choices. As you pick up your morning coffee and en route to work, you contemplate a glossy iced donuts in the display case. You know it’s