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> Updates > Pneumonia is an infection of the one or both lungs mainly caused by bacteria streptococcus pneumonia.Pneumonia are of different types : BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA , VIRAL PNEUMONIA, ASPIRATION PNEUMONIA , FUNGAL PNEUMONIABacterial pneumonia: - The most common causes is the bacterium streptococcus pneumonia but many different bacteria can cause pneumonia Viral pneumonia :- This infection is caused by virus & influenza type A& B it's known as the flu & common cold Aspiration Pneumonia:- This can happen when a person inhale bacteria in to or lungs from bacteria breaths , food , liquids or stomach contents in the lungs Fungal :-this is caused by coccidioides fungus condition such as valley fever Fungi from soil or bird dropping can also cause pneumonia.If we talk about causes of pneumonia, It can happen to any age. Generally 50 % of cases are below 50 years of age. Hence we should take care of our body to avoid such infections. This infection is most common in winter season , rainy season viral infection, bacterial infection and many other.In Pneumonia temperature is continues to 103 degree - 105 degree with chills , pain in the chest , shortness of breath , cough with expectoration , weakness , headache , aches all over the body , loss of appetite. However these symptoms are not for other fever, So be very particular about your hygiene.Patients have different signs in pneumonia.Such as, they become toxic , Their face is flashed, pulse is rapid , Respiration is faster and their temperature is also high Risk factor:- Chronic lung disease Cigarette smoking Stroke , brain injury , cerebral palsy & other brain disorders Other serious illness , heart disease diabetes mellitusHence be careful and please visit us for any health issues. - Dr. Madhu Hooli