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> Updates > Many women and teenage girls are suffering from leucorrhea which is also known as vaginal discharge. It is a thick whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge associated with lower abdomen pain.Vaginal Irritation, Itching, Foul smell or fishy odor, Dry irritated vaginal lining, Burning sensation, Pain while passing urine. These all CAUSES due to infections like bacterial, fungal , yeast or other microorganisms , e.g : sexually transmitted diseases, other causes like higher antibiotics use, Birth control pills, Stress, Diabetes, Due to tight or synthetic undergarments. The main cause is estrogen imbalance. It is usually a non pathological symptom secondary to inflammatory conditions of vagina and cervix. The composition, amount, quality of discharge varies between individuals as well as various stages of sexual and reproductive development. Vaginal discharge can be normal or abnormal, so let's know the difference between these.NORMAL VAGINAL DISCHARGE it is clear , thick or thin , odourless. The amount produced and the consistency may change at different times during women monthly menstrual cycle and also due to sexual activity and use of birth control. TYPES - 1.PHYSIOLOGICAL LEUCORRHEA : It can be a natural defense mechanism that the vagina uses to maintain its chemical balance as well as to preserve the flexibility of the vaginal tissue. It is not a major issue can be resolved as soon as possible. It mainly occurs during pregnancy caused by increased blood flow to vagina due to increased estrogen. 2.INFLAMMATORY LEUCORRHEA : Causes due to inflammation or congestion of vaginal mucosa. Since it could be a sign of several diseases including bacterial infection.3.PARASITIC LEUCORRHEA :It is also called as trichotillomania a group of parasitic protozoa, specifically trichomonas vaginalsis cause burning sensation, itchy , discharge of forthy substances , thick white or yellow mucus. PREVENTION:1.Genital hygiene is very important. Wash your genitals during every bath and after urination, keep pat dry the regions with a clean cloth. Do not let moisture retain in the genital or anal area.2.Drink plenty of water which helps in flushing out the toxins from body.3.If your clothes get wet in rain change them immediately especially under garments.4.Use cotton panties instead of nylon panties as nylon retains sweat in the genital area. 5.Make sure that your partner is free from any kind of infection and practice a safe sexual intercourse. 6.Maintain proper hygiene, wash undergarments with an antibiotic solution and let them dry under the sun.7.Do not watch or read anything that could be sexually stimulating.-- Dr. Pratibha Patil