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> Updates > Have you come across anyone complaining of feeling lethargy, dry hair and skin, cold intolerance, hair loss, difficulty in concentrating, poor memory, constipation, mild weight gain with poor appetite, dyspnea, hoarse voice, muscle cramps and menorrhagia, then at first we should get his/her thyroid test done. Now here we are talking about Hypothyroidism.Hypothyroidism cause due to deficiency of Iodine, and it is an autoimmune disease.Many more factors which causes Hypothyroidism -• Over dose of hyperthyroidism treatment, • Thyroid surgery • Radiation therapy • Medications like lithium which is used to treat certain psychiatric disorders and etc• Hypothyroidism may be prevented in a population by adding iodine to commonly used foods. • Consumption of iodine rich food such as dairy and fish will be very helpful. Side Effects of Hypothyroidism :-Hypothyroidism reduces your heart rate making your heart less efficient in pumping blood out to your body. This causes peripheral neuropathy it's symptoms include numbness, tingling, pain or burning in the affected parts of your body. Hypothyroidism also makes it more likely to develop sleep apnea , which are pauses in the breathing happens while you are sleeping. Infertility and miscarriage can also happen if they get pregnant.Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of Everyone-- Dr. Maria Thomas