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> Updates > Hands are easily contaminated by direct contact with airborne micro-organism droplets coming from coughs and sneezes. In situations, especially like the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining hand hygiene has become of utmost importance. Apart from your hand hygiene, wearing a mask, and maintaining social distancing are ways being followed to ward off the pandemic threat. This write-up discusses ways to keep your hands clean and the benefits of using hand sanitizers.Ways to Keep Your Hands CleanToday it’s quite well-known that Coronavirus which is a respiratory disease spreads when mucus or droplets get into your body through your eyes, nose, or throat. And did you know how it happens? Through your hands! So, it becomes very important for you to prevent the spread of this virus by washing your hands frequently. And, using soap and water is the most common way that one has been using for ages.What if you don’t have soap and running water? Well, chlorinated water or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is then your best second option. If you still do not have access to chlorinated water or sanitizers, then using soapy water or ash could be another option – but, though it may help remove bacteria, it’s not as effective as the other options mentioned earlier.However, the most effective and widely used way to sanitize your hands today is the Hand Sanitizer. It’s visible everywhere – shops, showrooms, malls, clinics, and you name it. Let us then find out why it’s gaining so much importance.Hand Sanitizers – Not a replacement for Soap and Water!Hand sanitizers are not cleaning agents, and you should keep in mind that they are not effective when you need to clean your hands from dirt, food, or other visible material. They are certainly not meant as a replacement for soap and water but. merely as a complementary habit. Hand sanitizers can be most effective when used along with the diligent hand-washing.Importance & Benefits of Hand SanitizerBased on a study by Swiss and German researchers in Emerging Infectious Diseases, it was found that alcohol-based hand sanitizers are effective in killing the novel coronavirus. It’s today recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). So, let’s learn more about Hand Sanitizers.Hand sanitizers are a water less way of cleaning and washing your hands. And, there are several advantages of hand sanitizers over washing hands with soap and water, and it’s quite interesting and essential to note them.•Convenient, portable, easy to use, and less time-consuming.•Quick to act in killing micro-organisms on your hands.•Accessiblevery easily as they do not require sinks.•Less irritating to your skin than soap and water!•Reduces bacterial counts on your hands.•Does not promote anti-microbial resistance.There are some hand sanitizers that can even improve the condition of your skin.Effectiveness of Hand Sanitizers During the Covid-19 PandemicThe world is still grappling with the ongoing ‘big wave' of the Covid-19 pandemic wherein countries are experiencing peaks and troughs of infection.As the number of Coronavirus cases keeps increasing exponentially in India, it is important for people to follow all safety measures to prevent themselves from being infected.Washing your hands with soap and water has always been your go-to way of keeping your hands clean. But there are times when you don't have soap or a dependable sink to wash your hands. That's where hand sanitizers prove to be handy! Further, even the World Health Organization (WHO)has recommended alcohol-based hand-rubs as the golden rule for maintaining hand hygiene. Hand sanitizer works in a pinch and is a pretty solid backup plan.Choosing the Right Sanitizer and How to Use ItWhen buying a hand sanitizer, the first thing that anyone needs to note is the presence of three key active ingredients on the label -Ethyl alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol, or Benzalkonium chloride. The presence of either of them indicates that the hand sanitizer formula contains alcohol. And, as long as it shows 70% you can be sure of its effectiveness. Using hand sanitizers that display at least 60% alcohol is helpful in avoiding sickness and spreading germs to others.You need to take proper care to use the hand sanitizer – it is always advisable that, after applying the hand sanitizer on the palm of one hand, rub it all over the surfaces of both your hands. Do so until your hands become fully dry. Ensure that you do not wipe off your hands before they have dried. It takes approximately about 30 seconds for sanitizers to kill the germs and bacteria on your hands.Are you having any symptoms of Coronavirus? Consult Shree Poly Clinic & Lab right now. We have been approved by the ICMR - Government of India for the collection of samples, testing, and diagnosis of Covid-19 suspects. We offer safe and hygienic collection methods through qualified phlebotomist who are trained for safe and hygienic sample collection. Click here to book an appointment