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> Updates > Do you know that there are many virus which breed in our environment. Virus like fungi can live in the air, soil & water. There are also some fungi that live naturally in the human body. Fungal infection are the most common disease throughout the world .Due to this infection our skin colour changes. It becomes red & also become cracking or peeling skin.If we say more about its symptoms then:• Itching , darkening of the skin - small bump• Loss of colour - deformed • Vaginal discharge • RashesTypes of Fungal infection :- 1:- Athlete's foot 2:- Yeast infection3:- Jock itch 4:- Ring worm Athlete's foot :- It is a common fungal infection that effects the foot.- Athlete's foot is commonly associated with sports because the fungus grows perfectly in warm surface & moist environment such as, socks, shoes , spots equipment & locker rooms.- it is most common in rainy and summer seasonAthelete's Foot Symptoms -Redness or blister on the affected area, skin layer starts cracking, , skin may scale & peel off , itching stinging or burning sensation in the affected area. Yeast Infection -This infection usually affects the vagina.Vaginal yeast infection are common form of Candida overgrowth in women, usually caused by Candida albicans.An overgrowth of candida disrepute the normal balance of the bacteria may be due to antibiotics, stress & hormonal imbalance or poor eating habits Symptoms like itching & swelling around & vagina , burning sensation of pain during urination, redness & soreness on & surrounding the vagina , usually vaginal discharge such as gray dumps that resemble cottage cheese or a very watery discharge. Jock itch -Tinea cruris commonly known as Jock Itch , It is another common fungal skin infection. This fungi love warm and damp environment and most area of the body such as buttocks and inner thighs more common in summer season.Symptoms - Redness in the grain buttocks or thighs , chafing irritation , itching or burning sensation in infected area , a red rash with circular shape & raised edge, dry peeling of the skin in the infected area.Ring worm :- Tinea corporis as ring worm is a skin infection caused by a. Fungus that lives on dead tissues such as the skin hairs & nails Ring worm is the fungus that causes both jock itch and athlets foot when it appears any were else on the body the infection is just called ring worm notice because of its shape A red patch that may itch or be scaly will often turn into a raised ring shaped patch of skin over time it may even spread out into several rings Ring worm is highly contagious & it can be transmitted by skin to skin contact or from contact with pets The ring worm fungus also infects soil & need so people who play or worm in infected dirt may catching worm as wellSome Preventive care - Basic hygiene CA help , keeping the skin clean& dry. Following the feet plenty of air to breath & keeping them clean & dry , it is a good idea to wear sandals in showers or locker rooms , avoiding yeast infections begins with balanced diet & proper hygienic , wearing loose fitting clothing made from natural fibres may also help prevent infection , washing cender wear in very hot water with solution. Avoid contact with other who have the infect is also important , avoiding sheared items such as towels & requirement may also helpAlways take care of your body, and also be careful of any kind of infection.--Dr. Madhu Hooli